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Finland has a reputation as an education powerhouse with long track record at the top of international rankings and proven as the home of world-class education.

Finland is a popular destination for educational travel – and for a reason! The education system has been ranked top in many different aspects: best in quality of primary schools, youth literacy rate and human capital index, and second best in quality of the entire education system

The Best Authentic Educational Travel Tour in Finland. Learn The Finnish Know-How and Visit Finnish Organisations, Schools and companies.

Yearly, there are more and more groups of international visitors that are interested in discovering more about Finland’s innovation, system and the factors influencing its success.

Digiwez and partners provides an inclusive professional educational tour, where participants have the opportunity to become familiar with the Finnish know-how in ICT and Data science, Health & Bio-medicine, Environmental & sustainability, Education, Public Administration, Leadership & Management, security management etc depending on what field you are interested in.

The program includes several visits to Finnish companies, organisations, schools and educational institutions. The program gives visitors an overview of the Finnish know-how in your desire field of interest, Finnish education system, innovation, Finnish society and culture, and offers an up-close and personal view of daily life in the Finnish classroom.

We provide also tailor-made study tours! If you are interested in a more specific program, please contact us and we will plan a study tour according to your needs. You can visit schools, educational institutions, and companies in Finland.

Study Tours can be organised anywhere in Finland! Do you want to see Lapland and Santa Claus? Or stay close to the nature and lakes other cities? Do you prefer city life in Espoo, Vantaa, Helsinki metropolitan area?

Target groups: Anyone who is interested in the Finnish Know-How and education system (decision makers, administrative, directors, representatives, headmasters / principals, teachers, investors, newspapers etc.)

The Innovation camp/tour is organised in collaboration with our partner network of experts, schools, universities and other educational institutions. the program is organised in the major cities of Finland depending on the themes chosen by the participants.

Enrol your group for our programs;

1- Teacher Training Program

2- Early Childhood Education Tour (0-6 years of age)

3- Basic (k-9) Education Tour (6-16 years of age)

4- High School Education Tour (16-19 of age)

5- Principal Tour

6- Education in Finland Study Tour

7- Education Technology Study Tour

8- Entrepreneurship Education Tour Program

9- Travel Tour for Professionals

10- Innovation camp for Student age 10-15

11- We also organise private tours for individual customers and tailor-made tours for groups on your preferred dates with your specific needs and interests e.g ICT & Data Science, Health & Biomedicine, Environment & Sustainability, Education,  Public Administration, Leadership & Management etc.

Our corporate / educational travel tour range from 7days(1 week) to 14days(2weeks) we can also tailored according to your need.

  • Teacher Training Program


    The teacher training program  is teacher professional development programme. The focus of TLF is on the ‘how’ of teaching; it gives practical tools for teachers to use in their classrooms. TLF complements that by giving you a series of up-to-date methods you can implement immediately in your work.

    The program can include themes such as:

    • student-centered pedagogy

    • quality and assessment of learning

    • digital learning and educational technologies

    • educational leadership and school management.

    The program is ideal for education professionals – management, development personnel and teachers – who want to experience the Finnish education system first hand! See full program

  • Entrepreneurship Program


    Program that transforms your competence into work and your ideas into businesses.

    • Turn your skills into work

    • Good ideas into practice 

    • Develop your own business

    • Corporate acquisitions

    The program consist of training workshop and coaching (both online and offline)

  • Travel Tour for Professionals


    The programme of the Innovation tour can include field such as:

    • Education

    • CT & Data Science

    • Health & Biomedicine

    • Environmental & Sustainability

    • Public Administration, Leadership & Management

    The Innovation Travel tour is ideal for anyone who is interested in the Finnish know-how and education system (decision makers, administrative, directors, representatives, headmasters / principals, teachers, investors, education professionals – management, development personnel, newspapers etc.  – who want to experience the Finnish system first hand!

  • Innovation Camp for Student


    The best education system offers excellent learning opportunities for students! Our Student Programme is one-of-a-kind learning adventures that combine project-based learning and the unique Finnish nature!

    The programme is a blend of four different themes:

    • the best practices of Finnish education

    • Finnish nature

    • Finnish culture

    • the Santa Claus Village.

    The Student Programme is organised in the major cities in Finland. The recommended duration of the programme is from 7 to 14 days and they can be organised throughout the year

Highly competent and motivated teachers are the cornerstone of the Finnish education system. In Finland, teachers are not only experts in their own subject area, but also experts in teaching and learning. Finnish teacher training places special emphasis on the study of pedagogy: learning the art of teaching, tailored to how different people learn.

Finnish degrees and qualifications are held in high regard all around the world. Therefore, they serve as a certificate of high level of competence and dedication.

Finland also enjoys one of the most advanced and expansive selection of educational technology for all levels of education, ranging from formal to extracurricular learning.

The nature of a child is to want to know new things, to be inquisitive, curious about the world around them, and to experiment with what they learn. Finland’s education system builds on this, taking advantage of the natural curiosity and placing it at the heart of education planning and curricula.







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