Teacher Training Program

Would you like to learn directly from experts in teacher education? Are you interested in learning about the Finnish education system from local professionals, and seeing educational theory at work in the classroom? Are you looking for a tailor-made program to cater to your group’s specific needs? Come to visit us in Finland.

The teacher training program is K-12 teacher professional development program. The focus is on the ‘how’ of teaching; it gives practical tools for teachers to use in their classrooms. the program is design to give you a series of up-to-date methods you can implement immediately in your work.

The mode of learning method are practical such as; collaborative learning methods and peer feedback that promote learning-by-doing.​

The teacher training program is based on the principles of the Finnish education system and culturally adjusted to meet the needs of the local environment. The program has proven results from several schools in Ghana, Egypt, Pakistan, Nigeria, India, Georgia, India and Myanmar etc.

The teachers who completed the training testified that they became more enthusiastic and energetic in their work. They noticed that also the students were more active in class and had more motivation towards studying. Most importantly, the teachers testified that they gained lots of insight and  practical skills that makes their work more motivating and enjoyable.

This course is derived from the top rank holding country FINLAND for education

Workshop, Keynote lecturers and discussions with Finland experts, and site visit to companies, institutions, organisations, schools, universities in Finland and with participation diplomas at the end of the program.



The aim of the one week study tour is to introduce participants to the focal aspects of the Finnish Education System and Teacher Education.

Academic Experts from Finland as well as experts from Teacher Training School.


Interactive lectures, discussions and site visits


Each participant of this study tour will receive a certificate issued by Finland at the end of the program.

We are happy to assist you with all the necessary travel arrangement such as; visa application, accommodation / hotel booking, flight ticket, transportation within Finland etc. 

Are you interested in excursions and cultural experiences? 

There are plenty of excursions and evening activities available. such as; Boat cruise to Sweden or Estonia, seeing Finnish Wilderness, Finnish Sauna Experience, Ice hole swimming etc. we can help you organizes it.

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digiwez-Teacher training program

Day 1 

• Welcome to Finland

• Finnish Education System and Its Success

o Introduction to the key elements of the Finnish education system

o Analysing the Factors behind the success

• Unique Finnish Teacher Education

o Structure of teacher education

o Introduction to the key elements of the teacher education

o Competence requirements for teachers


Day 2  

The Teacher Training School

• Introduction to the Teacher Training School

o Organisation of teaching practice

o Tour of the school and classroom observation

o Discussion

• Finnish national core curriculum

o Process of developing the new core curriculum

o Objectives and key elements of the core curriculum

o Implementation process

Days 3-5

The study visit consists of 2 optional thematic modules

(1 module for morning session, 1 for afternoon session).

Please select the modules from the list underneath.

Module 1

Pedagogic of early childhood education

• Current pedagogical learning contents in Finland

• Pedagogical key drivers in ECEC


Module 2

Assessment, Evaluation and support in ECEC/ Basic Education

• Evaluation in Early Childhood and Pre-Primary/ Basic Education

• Inclusive education

• Co-teaching and teacher collaboration

• Home-school and multi-professional collaboration


Module 3

Pedagogical Leadership in Finnish Schools

• Defining pedagogical leadership

• Current trends in pedagogical leadership and Management in Finland

• Communication in Leadership and Management

Module 4

Mathematics education

• Mathematics in Finnish National Core Curriculum

• Methods & tools

• Games and coding

Module 5

ICT in education

• Benefits and Limitations in Education

Digitization in Finnish Schools

• Workshop on Programming as a Means of Teaching Computational Thinking

• Creating the school of the digital age

Module 6

Contemporary learning environments

• Student-centered classroom

• Versatile learning strategies

• Communication skills

• Classroom management

Module 7

Assessment and Evaluation in the classroom

• Ongoing assessment

• Evidence-based inferences

• Criterion-referenced inference

• Self-assessment & Peer assessment

Module 8


• Arts & Crafts

• Home Economics

• Early language education


• Guidance and Counselling

• Special needs education