Waste Management Program

The waste management program is based on the Finnish Know-How of Waste management system and culturally adjusted to meet the needs of the local environment. The program has proven results from several states.

This course is derived from the top rank holding country FINLAND for education

Workshop, Keynote lecturers and discussions with Finland experts, and site visit to companies, institutions, organisations, schools, universities in Finland and with participation diplomas as the end of program.



The aim of the one week study tour is to introduce participants to the focal aspects of the Finnish waste management System and company visit

Academic Experts from Finland 


Interactive lectures, discussions and site visits


Each participant of this study tour will receive a certificate at the end of the program.

We are happy to assist you with all the necessary travel arrangement such as; visa application, accommodation / hotel booking, flight ticket, transportation within Finland etc. 

Are you interested in excursions and cultural experiences? 

There are plenty of excursions and evening activities available. such as; Boat cruise to Sweden or Estonia, seeing Finnish Wilderness, Finnish Sauna Experience, Ice hole swimming etc. we can help you organizes it.

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digiwez-Teacher training program

Day 1 

Welcome to Finland / Orientation day

  •  Introduction to study visit theme

  • Tour of the University everyday waste management

  • Lunch

  • Keynote Waste Management in Finland: legislation and collaboration University Experts


Day 2  

Policy and Safety Management

  • Keynote from Policy to Practice -
    Sustainable choices policy level

  • Lunch & Reflection 13-15

  • Keynote Safety Management: 10 Best Safety tips on-site Finnish Institute of Occupational Health

Days 3

Sustainability in water industry

  • Asset Life Cycle Management in Finnish water industry

  • Lunch

  • Water and sanitation in a green economy society


Day 4

Waste Management Field Visit

  • Secondary Raw Material Production Plant Round Tour and presentation

    Lasilla & Tiikanojian Waste Management Company

  • Lunch

  • Q&A, similarities between Finnish and your country Waste Management.

  • Visit to Recycling Centre Finland


Day 5

Sustainable development & Wrap up

  • Workshop: Challenges and potentials of rural waste management in Finland and Russia

    Wasteless Karelia -project

  • Lunch 

Wrap up and feedback with FU

  • Questions and Answers

  • Closing ceremony

  • Feedback and feedforward

Optional programme according to your interest in the following expertise fields of Waste Water Management and Services:

  •   Appropriate pricing of water services

  •   Public-private cooperation of water Services

  •   Resilience of water services

  •   Visit to the Waste-water management facility

These themes and half-a-day lectures can be added to the programme instead of activities presented in the preliminary programme, according to your interest.