We Organize Travel Tour for Professionals 

The Best Authentic Educational Travel Tour in Finland. 


Digiwez and Partners provides an inclusive professional educational tours for professionals,

Yearly, there are more and more groups of international visitors that are interested in discovering more about Finland’s innovation, system and the factors influencing its success. The programs has proven results from several schools, states and companies in Pakistan, Ghana, Egypt, India, Nigeria, Georgia, Myanmar etc.


All our program is derived from the top rank holding country FINLAND for education.


Workshop, Keynote lecturers and discussions with Finland experts, and site visit to companies, institutions, organisations, schools, universities in Finland and with participation diplomas as the end of program.


We deliver face-to-face in Finland, or Face-to-face in host country as well as online or offline blended depending on program and your choice.


We provide also tailor-made study tours! If you are interested in a more specific program, please contact us and we will plan a study tour according to your needs. base on your field of interest such as;

  • ICT & Data Science

  • Health & Bio-Medicine

  • Environment & Sustainability

  • Education

  • Public Administration, Leadership & Management etc.

The Innovation camp and tour is organised in collaboration with our partner network of experts, companies, schools, universities and other educational institutions. the program is organised in the major cities of Finland depending on the themes chosen by the participants. 

Click on any of your interest to see details and enrol your group for our programs:

1- Teacher Training Program

2- Waste Management Program

3- Entrepreneurship Development Program

4- ICT and Innovation Program

5- Innovation camp for Student age 10-15

6- We also organised private tours for individual customers and tailor-made tours for groups on your preferred dates with your specific needs and interests e.g ICT & Data Science, Health & Bio-Medicine, Environment & Sustainability, Education,  Public Administration, Leadership & Management etc.